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I’m Hilarious. Part III.

I think at this point I should stop kidding myself and change that title of this series to:

“I’m downright weird and inappropriate / sometimes funny”

Thoughts? Comments? It’s a draft version. These screenshots will help you form an opinion. I’ll keep the current title for now though. Gotta ride this horse until it completely gives out. Does this metaphor even exist?.. I don’t know. As always, I’m sorry in advance.

If you want more of this buffoonery, you can find Part I and Part II accordingly. Continue reading

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I Call Bullshit! Tales of a Hypocrite | Entry Two

As this is a ‘tales of a hypocrite’ long-awaited, *coughs*, sequel, I will hereby call myself out on yet another hypocritical thought I’ve had recently.

I used to laugh at those women who considered PMS a good excuse to be moody and irrational. And now, as I sit in the office, clenching my jaw, trying to suppress my mind-numbing anger towards everyone and everything around me, while throwing back chocolates like it’s nobody’s business, I am here to declare: PMS is real. It’s a thing, it’s real and damn right it’s gonna be my excuse, because I’m normally a very nice person. Continue reading

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I’m hilarious. Part II.

Let’s get the shameless plug out of the way first, shall we? You can enjoy a collection of peculiar texting conversations I have with my friends and generally weird people here. Rather accurately put by a person behind the @Sarcasm_only … Continue reading

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What makes a good blog post?

Well hi there, My first instinct was to talk about the INSANELY HUGE SPIDER that just casually crawled across my room but then I reminded myself that I already wrote about the eight-legged inhabitants I share a house with… You … Continue reading

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