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On Holding Grudges

I’ve got it.

Holding grudges is like trying to remember your 1-month-worth-of-food grocery list by hard… It’s simply exhausting. Continue reading

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Awkward interactions

Here’s the gist. I was in uni with a friend. We were studying having yet another break in the canteen, when I saw him. Me: “Omg” I said to my friend. “That’s the guy who gave us that presentation two … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with good looking men?

As you may get from the title, the subject, or should I say subjectS, of today’s rant are the devilishly attractive fellows that most of us girls meet at some point. And before you ask, mom, I AM studying and … Continue reading

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We all had the “scumbag brain” moments. Yep, those moments. Even though lately I haven’t had sleeping problems, I have to deal with my asshole of a brain all the time. Let me explain. I have a bad case of … Continue reading

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The 14th

Warning! This post may or may not contain passive-aggressive jokes that will make you think of me as a bitter loser. Well… guilty as charged. February the 14th. What is it about this date in particular that makes me wanna … Continue reading

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