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Liberal or Chronically Offended?

Hello and welcome to the inner debate I’ve been having in my head lately, thanks to the ever-present influence of unconventional media, my self-professed liberal outlook on issues and people getting pissed at people who overplay things.

I consider myself liberal, but the thought that has been eating on me is: I am liberal, but am I overly liberal to the point of sounding chronically offended? Continue reading

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Thoughts on Authenticity or My Concern With Writing

I’ve mentioned previously that my favorite pieces to read are the honest, raw, vulnerable, real-life blog posts. I admire authentic people – the people, who know who they are, what they like and what they want from life, and couldn’t give two shits about other people’s opinions. I admire them and I want to become them someday. As for now, whenever I write, I overthink and overthink and overthink some more. Continue reading

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V-Day Themed Drinking Game

The creative mind of yours truly came up with a drinking game you can partake in on Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome, all single people, everywhere. This may or may not be solely relevant for Moldova though, but fuck it, it’s customizable, hear me out. Continue reading

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I Call Bullshit! Tales of a Hypocrite | Entry Two

As this is a ‘tales of a hypocrite’ long-awaited, *coughs*, sequel, I will hereby call myself out on yet another hypocritical thought I’ve had recently.

I used to laugh at those women who considered PMS a good excuse to be moody and irrational. And now, as I sit in the office, clenching my jaw, trying to suppress my mind-numbing anger towards everyone and everything around me, while throwing back chocolates like it’s nobody’s business, I am here to declare: PMS is real. It’s a thing, it’s real and damn right it’s gonna be my excuse, because I’m normally a very nice person. Continue reading

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Reasons Why Owning an iPhone F*cked Me Up

*swipes off spider webs* *dusts keyboard* *flicks off tumbleweeds* I have a blog?.. AND WE’RE BACK! There are plenty of reasons why I haven’t blogged in a while… There are even more reasons for me to stop blogging right now … Continue reading

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Everything’s fine, but here’s what’s bothering me

Dearest fellow bloggers of Word Press! Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? You felt really inspired, so you wrote a killer blog post, let’s say, on pancakes. You literally slaved over it: you checked the story line, … Continue reading

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Leaving Las Vegas (jk, Hamburg). Part deux.

Can you do me a favor? Let’s pretend that I posted this a month ago… like it was planned. You know the drill: back-to-Holland happened, back-to-uni happened, new apartment happened… blablabla  I wrote this before, just didn’t review it…. No … Continue reading

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