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Russian Lawyer Is Having Issues With A Tiger & Goat Bromance Because It Looks Gay

Of course, why wouldn’t an inter-species friendship between (oh no he didn’t!) two males cause controversy among the Russian public? At least one representative of the Russian public, God bless him. I’m gonna go ahead and pause my immediate reaction to the next few paragraphs and simply let you get angry on your own without me cussing every 5 seconds. Continue reading

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Billy & Billie (2015) series review OR is it really wrong to fall in love with your step-sibling?

Ever since I watched this series (which was 22 hours ago to be exact), I’ve been trying to force myself to write a proper review piece, like the smart Variety people who know a bunch of film-related terms and adjectives … Continue reading

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The Love/Hate tag

Some time ago the wonderfully hilarious Janey from Cupid or Cats picked me to partake in the Love/Hate tag and even though I should be writing something completely different right now, I just really really really need a break, slash … Continue reading

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Today’s a special day. Not because I am pulling an all-nighter for a deadline tomorrow… but because my mama is born today!!! I would like to pay tribute to the strongest, wisest, most charismatic individual (who’s also surprisingly good at … Continue reading

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Thank you, Mandy Hale

I’ve read and heard a lot of quotes about self-love, the bottom line being if you can’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? But thanks to Henna and her sister, who compiled a list of quotes … Continue reading

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We all had the “scumbag brain” moments. Yep, those moments. Even though lately I haven’t had sleeping problems, I have to deal with my asshole of a brain all the time. Let me explain. I have a bad case of … Continue reading

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The 14th

Warning! This post may or may not contain passive-aggressive jokes that will make you think of me as a bitter loser. Well… guilty as charged. February the 14th. What is it about this date in particular that makes me wanna … Continue reading

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