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Why Do We Ever Take Things for Granted?

Why do we allow ourselves to get used to something to the point of it no longer seeming exciting?

Why do we ever slip into a routine and allow ourselves to see life as mundane, simple, uninspiring?… Continue reading

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For Everyone Who’s Been Told It’s “Just A Phase”

I’ve been longing for some inspiration for several weeks now. If you relate in any way, go ahead and watch this video. So powerful, it gave me chills…   How’s that for Inspiration Monday?

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Thoughts on Authenticity or My Concern With Writing

I’ve mentioned previously that my favorite pieces to read are the honest, raw, vulnerable, real-life blog posts. I admire authentic people – the people, who know who they are, what they like and what they want from life, and couldn’t give two shits about other people’s opinions. I admire them and I want to become them someday. As for now, whenever I write, I overthink and overthink and overthink some more. Continue reading

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The little things in life

This morning, the janitor lady at my gym told me that I’ve lost weight…   Also, can I get a collective woop woop for reaching 200 followers?! Aka the poor unsuspecting souls, whose patience I plan on abusing some more … Continue reading

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And then there was light (Part II)

…the day I went through highs and lows. I sank deep. I felt so crushed. I was dying on the inside, yet I could not answer the simplest of questions “Do you want to stay like this or fight?” Even … Continue reading

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To hell with motivation! We need discipline!

Full disclaimer: I am not posting this, as someone who already fully incorporated the above mentioned motto in her life. Who am I kidding… hopefully, this post will work as yet another kick in the ass that I need. A … Continue reading

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Bad idea

Hereโ€™s my question: If you had to write down all bad things that happened to you in a year, would you actually be able to do it? I mean, of course, we all love a good bitching, but really, how … Continue reading

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