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I’m Hilarious. Part III.

I think at this point I should stop kidding myself and change that title of this series to:

“I’m downright weird and inappropriate / sometimes funny”

Thoughts? Comments? It’s a draft version. These screenshots will help you form an opinion. I’ll keep the current title for now though. Gotta ride this horse until it completely gives out. Does this metaphor even exist?.. I don’t know. As always, I’m sorry in advance.

If you want more of this buffoonery, you can find Part I and Part II accordingly. Continue reading

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Russian Lawyer Is Having Issues With A Tiger & Goat Bromance Because It Looks Gay

Of course, why wouldn’t an inter-species friendship between (oh no he didn’t!) two males cause controversy among the Russian public? At least one representative of the Russian public, God bless him. I’m gonna go ahead and pause my immediate reaction to the next few paragraphs and simply let you get angry on your own without me cussing every 5 seconds. Continue reading

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Grab a glass, Felicia. It’s gonna be a soppy celebration.

Happy birthday, my dearest! It truly pains me to acknowledge that I can’t celebrate this special day with you. Although I neither can be there, nor give you a gift, what I can do is send all the positive energy … Continue reading

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In all seriousness, I’m a child

I can kid myself all I want… “I think I’m finally growing up, becoming independent, learning how to cope with my own being.” Reality: I can’t cope with change. Specifically, I can’t cope with any change in my environment. I … Continue reading

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Word Press: “A lot has happened. It’s time to write about it.”

You’re right, WordPress, a lot HAS happened, but I’ve really been struggling putting it into words. WANTED! Inspiration! Dead or alive… Preferably, alive. For the past two weeks I’ve been diligently making myself write. The key words here are MAKING … Continue reading

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