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On Holding Grudges

I’ve got it.

Holding grudges is like trying to remember your 1-month-worth-of-food grocery list by hard… It’s simply exhausting. Continue reading

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I Call Bullshit! Tales of a Hypocrite | Entry Two

As this is a ‘tales of a hypocrite’ long-awaited, *coughs*, sequel, I will hereby call myself out on yet another hypocritical thought I’ve had recently.

I used to laugh at those women who considered PMS a good excuse to be moody and irrational. And now, as I sit in the office, clenching my jaw, trying to suppress my mind-numbing anger towards everyone and everything around me, while throwing back chocolates like it’s nobody’s business, I am here to declare: PMS is real. It’s a thing, it’s real and damn right it’s gonna be my excuse, because I’m normally a very nice person. Continue reading

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Rediscovering your true self

POST CURFEW is back! And no, I do not mean it in the sense of “boohoo… I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting lately because of that and that and that stupid reason…” I am actually talking about the concept … Continue reading

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Taking care of yourself

I think a bird sassed me today. I was prancing down the street (yes, I actually used the word “prancing” because I was jogging way too ridiculously to call it jogging), when I saw a couple of birds on the … Continue reading

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Everything is ok

Have you ever had a time when everything in your life was under control? Well, not literally everything, but at that certain point you felt like you were doing great. I’m sure at some point we all had these precious … Continue reading

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