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V-Day Themed Drinking Game

The creative mind of yours truly came up with a drinking game you can partake in on Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome, all single people, everywhere. This may or may not be solely relevant for Moldova though, but fuck it, it’s customizable, hear me out.

We all know, on this day, any city looks like Hallmark threw up on it… Couples, couples and oh, look, couples. Nothing worse than hanging out in the city on Valentine’s day. Balloons, sky lanterns and PDA everywhere. I digress…

What is customary for couples on Valentine’s? Giving gifts. What is the most typical gift a gentleman can present his lady-friend with? Flowers.

Drinking game rules

  1. Get yourself a companion to stroll around town with;
  2. Buy a bottle of your alcohol of choice and two shot glasses;
  3. Check your ID. If it says you’re not allowed to drink, go back to step 2 and buy any other legal-for-you liquid;
  4. Check your place of residence. If it says you live in a country where it’s not really allowed to drink hard liquor in public, go back to step 3. If you live in Moldova: pff, yeah, you know how it goes;
  5. Hit the streets with the highest couple per square meter ratio;
  6. Take one shot each to get yourself prepped. (God knows you need it);
  7. Start strolling and take a shot every time you see a couple, where a girl is carrying one single rose, wrapped in cellophane…

Source: @thedogist

Bonus: take two shots every time you see a couple, where the guy is carrying the girl’s purse

Final step: Get wasted shortly

God help me, those roses wrapped in cellophane… I swear we saw at least 15. If only we packed whiskey sippy cups… Next time, for sure.

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Happy Singles Awareness Day, boys and girls and undecided 😉

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… Aka don’t hold yourself back and eat all the world’s chocolate supply.

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I Call Bullshit! Tales of a Hypocrite | Entry Two

You know what sucks balls sometimes? Being a woman. And by sometimes, I mean once a month. Yeah, yeah, ‘that’ time of month. You got it.

I’m talking about my body once again acknowledging the fact that I am not planning on becoming a mother any time soon and, subsequently, punishing me for it with mood swings, uncontrollable chocolate cravings and a general ‘don’t touch me, or talk to me, or look at me’ mood.


Source: @betches

As this is a ‘tales of a hypocrite’ long-awaited, *coughs*, sequel, I will hereby call myself out on yet another hypocritical thought I’ve had recently.

I used to laugh at those women who considered PMS a good excuse to be moody and irrational. And now, as I sit in the office, clenching my jaw, trying to suppress my mind-numbing anger towards everyone and everything around me, while throwing back chocolates like it’s nobody’s business, I am here to declare: PMS is real. It’s a thing, it’s real and damn right it’s gonna be my excuse, because I’m normally a very nice person.



I never really had issues with PMS before. Scratch that. I full on didn’t have it and didn’t even know what the word ‘cramps’ meant. Hashtag blessed, am I right ladies?

It’s a different story nowadays though. I guess that, as I get older, my body is becoming even more impatient with the fact that I’m not growing humans inside me, so it reacts accordingly. Thanks, biological clock.


Thanks, but no thanks.

Body, don’t you get it? You’re taking me on a downward spiral. How will eating chocolates and gaining back those pesky pounds, not to mention acting like a notorious bitch, help me find a potential mate? How, I ask you??? You’re not making this any easier…

So yeah, I’m a hypocrite, because as I discovered PMS (or rather, as it discovered me), I also started using it to my advantage. I’m sorry, feminists of the world, but our hormones aren’t doing us any favors.

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Happy 2 Year Blogiversary and Happy Throwback Thursday

I was about to post a #tbt picture of myself (because, peer pressure), when I realized it’s my baby blog’s two year anniversary!!!


woop woop woop

Crazy that I was able to stick with something for two whole years… Can’t say the same about my love life. Nor career. Nor a healthy lifestyle. Oopsie.

But yeah, surreal, you guys! Amazing. I’m puking rainbows and unicorns. This is how excited I am. Truly, sharing your deepest-darkest with strangers has proven to be one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done for myself. And, as I’ve said before, it’s even cooler when someone bothers to read my brain diarrhea. So I thank every one and each of you, who at some point decided to follow POSTCURFEW BEWONDERMENTS and witness my progressing insanity.

As for the Throwback Thursday part, allow me to share with you this gem:


Rocking those mom jeans since 1997

Like, okay. Even though I’ve seen this picture a bunch of times, I now have so many questions…

  1. Really, gurl? Fur?
  2. Why does my scarf look like a Coca-Cola bottle, yet it says ‘Milk’ on it?
  3. Was I unknowingly part of the ‘Got milk?’ campaign?
  4. Why am I the one carrying groceries? Those look heavy…
  5. Was this staged?
  6. Did we watch Home Alone the night before or something?
  7. Did my mom think she was being creative?

Also, and this is what wakes me up at night, did I have the same incident as Kevin?


I hope I didn’t…

I’ve also asked my mom whether there’s a story behind it. Stay tuned, I guess 🙂

So yeah, Happy Throwback Thursday to everyone (hurry up, Friday!) and Happy 2 Year Anniversary to POSTCURFEW!

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On Intimidation

Intimidation is a funny thing. For me, it’s a whole roller coaster of emotions.

It’s what follows after getting a great first impression or having a long term admiration for a person who is subjectively better/smarter/richer/more accomplished and successful than you.

On the other hand, intimidation is the prerequisite to feeling bad. To feeling embarrassed, envious, belittled and, ultimately, overwhelmed and disappointed.

This line of emotions is exactly what I’ve experienced this past weekend. I attended a digital communications conference that not only was super impressive in terms of organization and general enlightenment it brought to Moldova’s marketing and journalism industries, but it also acted as a huge test of character for me.

Spoiler alert: I failed this test.

I realized that intimidation is still something I’m very much prone to, despite feeling really good about myself. Sure, I will attend the thing, looking good, feeling fabulous (even turning heads). I will listen to the presentations, feeling all important and blessed to be a part of this industry. I will feel a brief moment of enthusiasm to approach the speakers and thank them for sharing their vision with the audience…

HOWEVER, feeling good does not change the fact that I still don’t know shit. I might as well have used my diploma to wipe my sweat and drool, seeing all those accomplished people (sorry for the visual). Feeling good is not enough. One also needs to show a certain level of awareness, curiosity and value.

Additionally, regardless of how cocky I felt, I realized that I am the biggest p*ssy when it comes to talking to new and, more importantly, successful people.


Cocky p*ssy, get it? I’ll see myself out…

For instance, being a self-proclaimed professional Youtube content consumer, I full on lost my shit when I saw local Youtubers at this conference. They were right in front of me. I could’ve easily walked up to them but did I? Nope. An editor from Tech Crunch (holy shit, I know) attended the summit and gave a brilliant presentation on start-ups. The whole time the man was talking, I was mentally practicing my opening statement for when I approach him during break time, whilst saying ‘bitch, you can do this’ to myself. Did I walk up to him? No.

Anyhow… Both days ended with a panic attack for me. The conference itself was awesome and great, and well-organized and highly beneficial, and it did make me feel good overall. Also, complimentary cappuccino, don’t mind if I do. Yet both times I left with a pulsating head ache, a stare in my eyes as if I’ve seen death itself, while also hyperventilating and sweating profusely.

I took part in one of the most interesting and fulfilling experiences one can take part in, living in Moldova (if you don’t count binge drinking wine until you pass out). And yet, why do I feel defeated, yet again?

That’s the thing with intimidation. The people who intimidate you do not necessarily intend to do that. Why would they? It all boils down to your own insecurities and preconceptions and at the end of the day, you decide yourself whether you want to be intimidated or not.

Main point that I want to get across: in life, you will feel intimidated a lot, but that’s ok, as long as you don’t let it crush you and throw every resource you have to conquer your insecurities.

Speaking off a perfect segue, I have just enrolled in this 7 day email course on “How to Become a Networking Master” offered by The Muse. How coincidental, isn’t it? If you wish to master the art of making small talk with people in suits, perhaps enroll as well, so that we can be messes together and I don’t feel as alone, as I felt at the conference? Yes, no, maybe?

PS. I can’t insert a hyperlink for this exact article, because you have to be signed up. So head over to, sign up, find this article and join the “class” 🙂

Let’s all pray now it helps.

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Drop Everything And Listen To This Penguin Story

Ok, literally last week I said that I’ve heard a story that made my week.


Stop everything you’re doing right now, do me a favor and watch this short stand-up performance by Daniel Sloss at the Conan Show. I have no idea if his story is real or fake- I couldn’t care less. This story about two penguins made my Thursday, week, month, year, life! (no, I am not exaggerating)

This kind of level of cute… I can’t.

You watch while I continue vomiting rainbows at everyone in the office…

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