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Why Do We Ever Take Things for Granted?

Why do we allow ourselves to get used to something to the point of it no longer seeming exciting?

Why do we ever slip into a routine and allow ourselves to see life as mundane, simple, uninspiring?… Continue reading

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For Everyone Who’s Been Told It’s “Just A Phase”

I’ve been longing for some inspiration for several weeks now. If you relate in any way, go ahead and watch this video. So powerful, it gave me chills…   How’s that for Inspiration Monday?

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Thoughts on Authenticity or My Concern With Writing

I’ve mentioned previously that my favorite pieces to read are the honest, raw, vulnerable, real-life blog posts. I admire authentic people – the people, who know who they are, what they like and what they want from life, and couldn’t give two shits about other people’s opinions. I admire them and I want to become them someday. As for now, whenever I write, I overthink and overthink and overthink some more. Continue reading

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On Intimidation

Intimidation is a funny thing. For me, it’s a whole roller coaster of emotions.
It’s what follows after getting a great first impression or having a long term admiration for a person who is subjectively better/smarter/richer/more accomplished and successful than you.
On the other hand, intimidation is the prerequisite to feeling bad. To feeling embarrassed, envious, belittled and, ultimately, overwhelmed and disappointed. Continue reading

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The 5 Things That Helped Me Shoo The Depression Demon Away.

I realize that in order to give advice on such a sensitive topic, one has to be mindful of other sufferers’ experiences with it. I am by no means qualified to give advice and obviously I can’t know the severity of your situation. Nonetheless, I’ve been doing some reflecting on what were the exact activities I partook in (not necessarily consciously) that eventually made me turn a new leaf. As these things usually go, if reading this helps at least one person, I am happy. Continue reading

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Billy & Billie (2015) series review OR is it really wrong to fall in love with your step-sibling?

Ever since I watched this series (which was 22 hours ago to be exact), I’ve been trying to force myself to write a proper review piece, like the smart Variety people who know a bunch of film-related terms and adjectives … Continue reading

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And then there was light (Part II)

…the day I went through highs and lows. I sank deep. I felt so crushed. I was dying on the inside, yet I could not answer the simplest of questions “Do you want to stay like this or fight?” Even … Continue reading

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