Almost Open Letters

Open letter: intended for an individual, but that is nonetheless widely distributed

I strongly feel like there are people in my life who deserve a confession, a dedication, a truly honest letter. With past friends, lost over the track of time, certain things still remain unsaid. This will be an opportunity to rekindle the past, thank them for what we had, apologize for the wrongs I caused, forgive them in return and let go of the bad vibes. On the other hand, the people of my present absolutely have to be reminded of how thankful I am for simply being the way they are, being here, in the moment, sharing their experience of life with me.

I call them “almost” open letters, because I don’t really intend to reveal the addressees’ identities, even though absolutely no filter will be used regarding the intended content. How I see it, these will be snippets of what I would say to a person, but rather prefer to put it in writing.

 #4 Grab a glass, Felicia. It’s gonna be a soppy celebration

#3 An Almost Open Letter to Depression


#1 An Almost Open Letter to R


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