V-Day Themed Drinking Game

The creative mind of yours truly came up with a drinking game you can partake in on Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome, all single people, everywhere. This may or may not be solely relevant for Moldova though, but fuck it, it’s customizable, hear me out.

We all know, on this day, any city looks like Hallmark threw up on it… Couples, couples and oh, look, couples. Nothing worse than hanging out in the city on Valentine’s day. Balloons, sky lanterns and PDA everywhere. I digress…

What is customary for couples on Valentine’s? Giving gifts. What is the most typical gift a gentleman can present his lady-friend with? Flowers.

Drinking game rules

  1. Get yourself a companion to stroll around town with;
  2. Buy a bottle of your alcohol of choice and two shot glasses;
  3. Check your ID. If it says you’re not allowed to drink, go back to step 2 and buy any other legal-for-you liquid;
  4. Check your place of residence. If it says you live in a country where it’s not really allowed to drink hard liquor in public, go back to step 3. If you live in Moldova: pff, yeah, you know how it goes;
  5. Hit the streets with the highest couple per square meter ratio;
  6. Take one shot each to get yourself prepped. (God knows you need it);
  7. Start strolling and take a shot every time you see a couple, where a girl is carrying one single rose, wrapped in cellophane…

Source: @thedogist

Bonus: take two shots every time you see a couple, where the guy is carrying the girl’s purse

Final step: Get wasted shortly

God help me, those roses wrapped in cellophane… I swear we saw at least 15. If only we packed whiskey sippy cups… Next time, for sure.

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9 Responses to V-Day Themed Drinking Game

  1. anshurao says:

    How does it go in Maldava though?


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