People I Don’t Trust

Even though my eye balls are already saying ‘see ya’ to my eye sockets (don’t stare at your laptop screen for more than 7 hours in a row, kids), I still wanted to stare a bit longer and perhaps come up with a blog post. Because Monday.

For the past week I’ve been taking notes, whenever I remembered a category of people I like to refer to as ‘people I don’t trust’.

You can interpret it however you like (my dad said that I will most definitely offend at least one person). In my head, ‘a person I don’t trust’ means ‘this person doesn’t do a specific thing the same way I do it’ or ‘we have completely opposite stances with this person and, surprisingly, it’s not ok’. You know, when you’re on a date and he/she says something like ‘I hate dogs’. Boom! Red flag! I don’t trust this human. What is wrong with you? How can you hate dogs?

Anyways, this is not me pointing out a specific group of people, saying they shouldn’t be trusted. We have Donald Trump and his stance on racial minorities for that… All I’m saying is that you’ll get what I mean.

People I don’t trust

  1. People who don’t drink
  2. People who go out of their way to tell you that they don’t drink
  3. People who give you the stink eye/ pity stare when YOU drink
  4. People who say ‘I don’t need alcohol to have fun’

  5. People who enjoy working out
  6. People who don’t like sweets/chocolate/cake/doughnuts
  7. People who prefer tea to coffee
  8. People who put their clothes away right after they undress
  9. People who keep their house/ room/ desk neat and clean
  10. People who hate dogs (or animals in general… Cats are close to being an exception)
  11. People who jump from one relationship to another, never being single
  12. People who don’t swear
  13. People who tell you ‘It’s not lady like’ when YOU swear

  14. People who say they don’t like Venice because it smells like mold and dead fish…
  15. People who enjoy horror movies: the more dismemberment, blood and guts – the better
  16. People who never want to leave their home country
  17. People who buy fresh flowers once in a while and keep them in a clear Pinterest looking vase (random, I know)
  18. People who don’t listen to music… How do you exist?
  19. People who watch one episode per day and not binge watch the entire season. What’s your secret?
  20. People my age who have their shit together (obviously).


Gawd dammit, my eyes hurt… Is it Friday yet?

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2 Responses to People I Don’t Trust

  1. Meagan says:

    The bottom one is probably the best. Who the hell has their shit together in general, our age or not?
    Fuckin’ weirdos.

    Liked by 1 person

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