Russian Lawyer Is Having Issues With A Tiger & Goat Bromance Because It Looks Gay

Today my dad shared a news story with me he read earlier, and even though he did it at an ungodly early hour (12:30 pm… *coughs*), I decided that it’s gonna be the best news I will hear throughout the day. And it was.

Basically. You may or may not have heard about a tiger who befriended a goat, instead of feasting on him. This peculiar bromance occurred this past November in a Russian safari-park, when Timur (the goat) was put into Amur’s (the tiger) enclosure with a sign “dinner is served” on his neck. Not literally. The goat was just supposed to be live hunted by the tiger. But surprise surprise! Amur didn’t eat Timur. They became buds. It’s adorable.


Friendship goals AF | Source

But get this: this is not the news I want to pass on to you.

Of course, why wouldn’t an inter-species friendship between (oh no he didn’t!) two males cause controversy among the Russian public? At least one representative of the Russian public had a problem with it, God bless him. I’m gonna go ahead and pause my immediate reaction to the next few paragraphs and simply let you get angry on your own without me cussing after each word.

A Russian lawyer filed a complaint to the General Prosecutor demanding the press stops giving Amur & Timur’s friendship so much awareness and praise, because, and I quote, it carries a homoerotic subtext.

I’ll give you a minute to process this.

According to him, displaying their friendship in a positive light is none other than an intervention into the personal lives of Russia’s impressionable youth, and that with this hidden propaganda, they are trying to impose homosexuality upon the masses.

But wait, there’s more!

This dickwit (sorry, I can’t help it) also emphasized that spreading information on the lives of these two animals can have a negative impact on the development of a child’s personality.


Lord, give me the strength.

I didn’t use ‘dickwit’ just because. A ‘dickwit’ is a person who thinks more with his dick, rather than his brain (thanks, urban dictionary). How blatantly ignorant and clearly closeted this guy actually is to search for homosexual agenda in the cutest of bonds?

God dammit, we know it’s tough to get a scandalous case assigned to you, but why get out of your way to fight with common sense?

We all know Russia is not the most open-minded country, what with all the gay-propaganda bans and all. But this? This is pure idiocy.

Is this the best story or is this the best story? God, I hate people sometimes…

The two cuties though- I love. They even have an Instagram page: @amur_i_timur πŸ˜€

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12 Responses to Russian Lawyer Is Having Issues With A Tiger & Goat Bromance Because It Looks Gay

  1. It was obviously a slow day for him at the office.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. anshurao says:

    There are people who work hard to make people lives better, then there are jobless pricks like him.


  3. Henna says:

    What an absolute plonker he is.

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