Grab a glass, Felicia. It’s gonna be a soppy celebration.

Happy birthday, my dearest!

It truly pains me to acknowledge that I can’t celebrate this special day with you. Although I neither can be there, nor give you a gift, what I can do is send all the positive energy I can master, by paying tribute to you and hopefully bringing you joy. Even for a brief moment.

I’ve compiled this rather content-rich yet scattered birthday card in an OPEN letter form, so that the whole world, aka my 3 subscribers, know that it’s your birthday. I want everyone (again, those 3 subscribers) to see and celebrate you for who you truly are: a quirky, funny, strong, ambitious, fashionable, fierce, fabulous glitter-covered snowflake!

By the by, I’m just getting started with the adjectives… 🙂 Observe:

 G:     glamorous, glittering, gifted, giving & gaga

U:     understanding, unique, unconformable, ultimate & up-and-coming

 I:      intelligent, important, iconic, insane & irreplaceable

D:     different, dapper, driven, dazzling & daring

O:     organized, original, open, opinionated & outspoken

* I know, I know… I wanna punch myself as well…

guiI want you to never doubt these next words: you’re special.

You’re special to your family. You’re special to your friends. You’re special to everyone you meet in your life. You make others feel special about themselves. You make the world a special place.

You are a gentle, beautiful soul. You are a fighter. You are a survivor. You’re full of passion and vision. You deserve every good and luck in the world.

You’re a trend setter and a show stopper. Gawd dammit hunty, you are serving it and we are gagging for more!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

I’m sure I’m not alone on this: you take friendships to another level. I love our secret language that nobody understands. I love our inside jokes. I love how both exhilarating and calming it is to be friends with you.

I love our adventures and how safe I actually feel in a car with you (even though I’m always scared shitless sitting in the front).

You never fail to make me laugh, feel supported and appreciated. I can only hope that I’m holding up my end of the deal.

This was gui4one year ago. I brought you this candle, which may have seemed like a very trivial birthday girl. However, the words, yet somewhat banal, could not have described our relationship any better.

I’ve said this before: time I enjoyed wasting with you, was never wasted. It was, is and will always be a highlight of my day, even if it only involves sending each other voice notes.

Wine drinking, sushi eating, series watching, Instagram tagging, Skype calling, gagging over Drag Race and @best_of_grindr… YASS GAWD, more please.

I sincerely wish that if you ever feel low, you strive to find that light within. A good candle can always help 😉


As always, you are my rock, my inspiration, the Felicia to my Schmetterling, the Blue Ivy to my baby Jesus and the Coco Chanel to my Spongebob.

Happy birthday, G. May all your efforts bring results. May all the lows turn into highs. May you never face heartbreak or disappointment. May love and joy move into your life and bring their own IKEA furniture.

This message may seem scattered. Bottom line though:

I love you with all my heart, I am forever grateful to call you my best friend and I hope we stay in each others’ lives for as long as life allows us.

Ok, I’m done being dramatic.

All my love and best wishes,
Your puffin.


PS. 35!!! :D:D:D

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3 Responses to Grab a glass, Felicia. It’s gonna be a soppy celebration.

  1. Hello there, so sweet to see such a creative birthday message shout out. What is a Puffin ? So curious… – T

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