What makes a good blog post?

Well hi there,

My first instinct was to talk about the INSANELY HUGE SPIDER that just casually crawled across my room but then I reminded myself that I already wrote about the eight-legged inhabitants I share a house with… You got your moment of fame, you bastards. That’s enough for you.

Completely unrelated, but since I’ve already started, let’s all take a minute to discuss the aspects that make up a good, emphasis on the “good”, blog post. Shall we?

Now, of course, I am no Miranda Priestly of the blogging world, nor do I have the qualifications or mental capacity to judge anyone’s work. This is simply what I’ve noticed about myself when it comes to consuming the fruits of Word Press.

About a week ago, I was in the train, reading blogs, because duh. I’ve come across a very good post. Like a really good one. Like so good that I had to share it on FB and I rarely share things on FB. Okay, that’s a lie. I do share some things. The point is that I found that piece particularly “my kind of read” and just simply brilliant, so I shared it. End of story.

It got me thinking though. I tend to like very specific kind of posts. In fact, I started typing down thoughts in the notes app on my phone (I know, like a barbarian…) on what is it normally about a post that makes me tear up, like it, comment and thank the author, share it and then not shut up about it for a couple of days.

When I think about the bloggers I like to read, the expression “opposites attract” does not really apply. I, myself, like to rant. I like telling personal stories. This is how I exercise being raw and vulnerable. I find great strength in it. I also like to think I’m funny. 99.5% of my jokes are directed at me. Self-deprecating humor is kinda my thing. Therefore, I enjoy reading bloggers that possess similar qualities.

I love when people shed light on their lives while also being sarcastic and making a connection with the reader. I like to read a piece of personal reflection. We all have opinions and we all reflect. Taking a peek into someone else’s mind and soul is beautiful. Especially when it’s followed by a good ol’ passive aggressive joke.

A post doesn’t necessarily have to be relatable for me to like it. Yes, it is great to know that I am not alone and that someone on the other side of the globe feels equally happy or equally shitty. However, I will not NOT read your work just because I can’t relate to your issues. I like to learn and enrich my perspective. Some people cover topics I have never even thought about and it is great. Sharing ideas is great. Sharing your thoughts is great.

I am not a fan of ‘hashtag relatable’ content, or as I like to call it, the fast food of writing. The online world today is all about generating traffic, getting the most exposure possible and becoming a buzz. I don’t want to bash on any content creators, but a ’27 reasons why you’re not a morning person’ article is not food for thought for me. You don’t need to give me reasons why I’m not a morning person. I am painfully aware of that already.

I don’t want to write just for the sake of getting noticed, read and followed. I want to be heard. I want to have a conversation. I want to have an outlet for myself. I want to grow as a storyteller. I want to connect with other content creators.

To put it shortly… *finally! screamed the crowd*, for me, a good blog post should be 4 things:

simple | insightful | thought provoking | raw

And of course, a cleverly inserted pic or gif never hurts.


Fellow bloggers!

I applaud your courage to expose yourselves to the world. I thank you for the wisdom you’ve passed along and the experience that you’ve shared.

May we continue to share stories around the campfire of Word Press and connect on a deeper level.


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2 Responses to What makes a good blog post?

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your view on good blog posts. While I have to admit that I have gone through dozens of Buzzfeed-style “listicles,” such content is great snackage and not good food for thought. Haha, and I have recently discovered how much I love inserting GIFs into posts.

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