Hashtag f*cking finally

We have a first one, people.

First time for me in a while to be blogging and not trying to validate my willingness to blog, because guess what? I don’t have other-shit-that-I-have-to-be-ACTUALLY-doing anymore! I’m done with literature reviews, interviewing, transcribing and coding. I’m done with my thesis, thus I’m done with uni! Woop woop, raise your glass for the girl, who went through not one, BUT TWO theses (can only blame myself here) and 564 mental breakdowns. It took a wee bit longer than the rest of my classmates, but mama finally graduated!!!

I made it myself

I made it myself

Actually, that’s a bit of a lie. I passed my thesis on the 27th of August, so it’s been two weeks already. Yes, I confess, I took my time celebrating. I don’t mess around when it comes to celebrations… if only I was this serious about being an adult. Alas.

I digress though. It’s actually so difficult to write something non-thesis related. God dammit, when I had to think about nothing but the thesis, creativity was poring out of my ears. You know the feeling, right? When you have a deadline, suddenly everything else seems so much more exciting. Not only blogging, but even finding a gym in your neighborhood… shocker.ย  I’m experiencing the same dreaded feeling of having to say a lot, but failing to find ways to write it down in an eloquent way. I guess this is what two weeks of ‘celebrating’ does to the ol’ noggin.

I digress again. Main point: we’re back for the 47th time… (a lot of exaggerated numbers in this post apparently). A small update for future me with dementia who wants to know what precisely happened back in August, 2015:

As I said, grandma, I just graduated! So yes, that diploma on your wall is not fake. Also, I moved to Amsterdam!!! Technically, the closest outskirts of Amsterdam, so I can hop on a tram and be in the heart of the city in 15-20 minutes. Thank God, NL is a small country. I started doing a bit of working: nothing too serious, just enough to help soften the transition from clueless college student to clueless job market roamer… So yeah, things are finally looking up. Do you still sprinkle Xanax on your ice-cream, how G suggested, old girl?

Let’s hope it stays this way at least for a little while. The ‘looking up’ part, not Xanax, obviously…

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  1. Henna says:

    Woop! Well done!

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