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Have you ever heard that statistically, in his lifetime, an average person will unknowingly consume 7 to 8 spiders while sleeping?..

Granted, some people do eat them knowingly, but I’m talking about the scenario when you’re laying there, mouth-breathing, minding your own business in dream town…. when HOLY SHIT you just ate a spider! And that, allegedly, happens 7 or 8 (!) times in your lifetime, my friends… I’m probably butchering the actual numbers, but can we still just all thank the genius who decided to reveal this statistic to the naive people of Earth living their lives and blissfully not knowing that they’re 0.3% spider…

I mean, I never really believed it, but now, since I started living in a small, cabin-like, guest house, surrounded by trees, exotic birds and horses (I’m not even exaggerating) and judging by the fact that yesterday morning, while entering the bathroom, I WALKED INTO A SPIDERWEB… I feel like I’m gonna become an actual statistic, if not raise the bar…

For a second I actually thought I slept through 2015...

For a second there I actually thought I slept through 2015…

But I’m not worried… I mean, I’m not even afraid of spiders. We’re cool as long as they stay in the upper corner of my bathroom and not try to get into any of the orifices on my head… (sorry for the visual). I sleep in a princess-like bed, with a mosquito net around it, so no spider is a threat to my slumber… Right?..

Scratch that.

# i woke up TO THIS

# i woke up TO THIS

Mr Daddy Longlegs was not too pleased either… Does anyone have a flamethrower I could borrow?…

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