Think before you act, but don’t OVER think before you act

When I was little , my grandfather would always say “Think before you act”.

I would say that was a pretty solid advice for the most part, especially considering the fact that granddad gave it to me after I walked in on him taking a shower… But that’s not important. I was very little to understand the ramifications! Anyways…

His words followed me throughout my life and I’ve been doing my best to live by them. Thinking before you do something is good. It makes you a better person. You cannot always predict what your actions will unfold, so taking a moment to evaluate the possible ramifications is what a considerate and thoughtful person would do, in my opinion. Don’t even get me started on thinking before saying something, or rather, since we’re millennials, commenting. I think 99.9% of people who comment on media content don’t have a single problem disregarding this rule. (looking at you, youtube comment section) Empowered by their anonymity, people think that they can get away with saying anything. Or do they actually think? Do they put a single thought into the process of insulting someone’s craft just for the sake of insulting them? Yes, a bunch of us are straight-shooters, tough-love preachers and all around blunt people. I get that we’re all entitled to opinions, but you are wrong and I don’t like you.Β Sorry, I’m rambling though. Cyber-bullies make me mad.

At this point in my life, I think granddad’s words got the best of me. Not only do I think before I act, but also OVER think, and this time gap between thinking and acting allows me to create a multitude of reasons NOT to act, aka excuses. It’s not even about the big things, like applying for challenging job vacancies or prestigious schools. It’s literally the most basic tasks, that, although will do me good, I over think.

I’m starting to think that granddad’s words may be intertwined with my inability to perform day-to-day tasks. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming granddad for the fact that I’m a lazy piece of couch potato. I’m just saying that the constant evaluation of my potential actions had taken a wrong turn and, instead of causing a positive and beneficial outcome, seems to be causing the opposite.

I was thinking the other day: why can’t I wake up as soon as my alarm goes off, for example? Well. Partially because I am typing this on my phone at 3 a.m., but mostly because, even if I do get enough sleep, I wake up and press the snooze button. And it’s actually quite ridiculous because my brain is already wide awake, yet prefers to stage dialogues between my good side and my couch potato side on whether I should get up or not.

You see? It’s not even about important stuff! Most people don’t over think basic tasks and activities, I gather. It all comes down to discipline and will power once again.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that thinking before doing something is important. It absolutely is. Think before you say and before you do if you don’t want the people around to turn on you. (did that just rhyme?..)

But maybe thinking before doing the basic and, more importantly, the beneficial for me stuff, like getting up before noon or finally going for that jog, is not that necessary? Just do it, for god’s sake. No need to waste brain cells on this as well. Living life like a sims character, amirite?

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6 Responses to Think before you act, but don’t OVER think before you act

  1. I always evaluate the benefits that I will get from acting. If I don’t see any benefits I will not act. But sometimes it’s difficult to see the benefits and only experience can tell. Take your jogging example for instance. Is it good for you or not? Heath literature say that jogging is good but the person who started the jogging craze died prematurely of heart attack and many people develop jogging injuries with time. This said it may be good for you or it may be bad or even useless. Only listening to what your body really wants and need you can say it. In the case of jogging the mind cannot really tell because it’s often influenced by what society wants it to think.


  2. Paul says:

    I can relate to all of this. And yeah, the youtube comments section is the worst thing on the internet.

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