Well that was dis-aca-ppointing

Once again, my inability to openly express dislike for something keeps me from writing. For some silly reason, call it a “self-promise to oneself not to sound like a bitter bitch”, I can’t fully share my opinion on the new Pitch Perfect 2 movie. I really wanted to, I did. I started sketching a post… However, the above-mentioned promise kept going off in my head with such warning signs as “Who do you think you are?”, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all” and the classic “Stop complaining, you first-world-problems complainer!”

Therefore, in order to keep the concept light and breezy, I’ll list some of the things I really liked about this movie:

1) The singing. I wouldn’t be doing a review in the first place if it weren’t for the singing. I wouldn’t watch the movie if it weren’t for the singing.

Gawd… I wish I were in an acapela band. I wish I wrote a capella correctly the first time…

large-14318807222) Rebel Wilson, because Fat Amy FOR THE WIN!

tumblr_mi20q9hknm1qberruo1_500-14197684703) Gail and John’s banters… somewhat inappropriate, but mostly the primary source of laughter in this movie

tumblr_men8q738241qctci0o1_5004) Stacie’s new hair color

pitch-perfect-2-screenshot-alexis-knapp-stacie-35) PENTATONIX because HOLY SHIT it’s PENTATONIX (sorry for the Caps Lock rage)


I really wanted to like this movie. Lord knows I was way too excited to see it. In the words of my mother “If only you were this excited about your thesis or finding a job…” Alas, just like the PSL and my ability to get my life in order, Pitch Perfect 2 turned out to be a very unfortunate dis-aca-ppointment. Dammit, there goes the promise…

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5 Responses to Well that was dis-aca-ppointing

  1. Damn…I was actually really excited to watch this 😦


  2. Paul says:

    I’ll never watch the movie but now I really want to read your post about why you hated it!


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