Everything’s fine, but here’s what’s bothering me

Dearest fellow bloggers of Word Press!

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?

You felt really inspired, so you wrote a killer blog post, let’s say, on pancakes. You literally slaved over it: you checked the story line, if it’s coherent, if it’s logical, if it’s a smooth flow of a story, if it’s easy to read; if the grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct; whether you included the most hilarious pics and GIFs to support your even more hilarious statements and arguments. You even went through the tags and you did it strategically! All was done so that the whole Word Press bloggeverse can find and read your brilliantly amazing post on pancakes. Read! That is all you want from your audience, right?

Anyways, you proofread for the 5th time, made the finishing touches and finally… dun dun DUN it’s published! You are giddy and full of excitement because you just cannot wait for other bloggers to acquaint themselves with your piece. Until…. You get a notification that somebody already “liked” your post. Exactly 0.9 seconds after you pressed the “Publish” button.

suspicious-fryLet me tell you what I think of this… Acknowledging the fact that somebody “liked” my 1000 words long post on pancakes in 0.9 seconds just doesn’t do it for me. Call me crazy, but I really don’t believe it’s physically possible. What you’re saying is that while I put my heart and soul into my pancake post, you just typed in “humor” into your tag search bar and started scrolling and giving out “likes” like there’s no tomorrow just for these poor, unsuspecting bloggers to “like” your posts in exchange???

How dare you, sir?

How dare you like without reading?

How dare you expect my “like” for your “like”?

How dare you write “Great post! I wrote something similar haha. Check it out at http://www.ShamelessPlug.com”?

How dare you equate Word Press to some How To Become Famous in 10 Days Platform? This is not Instagram! This is not the place for “Follow for follow?”, “Like for like”, or my personal favorite: “If you go over to my profile and write something nice about me, I’ll like 10 of your pictures”…

leurnAgain, I SLAVED over my pancake post. I wanted to share my pancake knowledge and wisdom with other pancake-loving individuals, only to find YOU, who doesn’t even have the decency to read the post and form an actual opinion before pushing that “Like” button? No. Just no.

One would think though, that since creating something on Word Press, unlike Instagram, takes more than a minute, people, or rather, creators, would have more appreciation for each other’s efforts. One would think that this is a community of like-minded individuals who like to produce content, as well as read content and exchange ideas, and not just collect “likes” to please their egos.

We are all creators here. We are all eager to have our posts read and our voices heard. So why then disrespect the efforts of your fellow bloggers for a false sense of greatness?

More listening, less talking. Read first, appreciate after.

Thank you for reading first.

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22 Responses to Everything’s fine, but here’s what’s bothering me

  1. anshurao says:

    Is that shamelesspug supposed to lead somewhere?

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  2. Katie Rose says:

    As a newcomer to WordPress I was optimistic enough to think that ‘Like for likes’ didn’t really happen with blog posts. What are you getting out of this website if all you do is scroll and click without reading?
    – I still feel nervous about commenting on posts when I don’t know the author but I didn’t want you to think that I had liked without reading ^.^

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  3. janeybgood says:

    This happenes to me all the time too. You are so right; it feels very disenchanting. I have written some quite personal posts and it’s almost insulting when someone jumps on to them the second they are posted, without reading.

    It would be so awkward if I commented something like “I love spring time too!” Lol! I always read someone’s post because I know how much work it takes to write one!

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  4. I know!! This happens all the time and makes me sad. 😦 they don’t even know the pancake content they were missing…

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  5. Anonymous says:


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  6. demiannee says:

    This is such a real post! I’d definitely give any post about pancakes a read, but we are creative and I’d like to know my posts are being read and giving pleasure to my readers

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  7. Paul says:

    Yes! Preach! This happens to me all the time. It’s like a slap in the face, I almost don’t want their “like.” The first few times I got people saying “Great post! Check out something similar @ ___!” I thought they were being sincere until I got it more often and then realized they do that on other blogs. I JUST WANT REAL INTERACTION.

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