Rediscovering your true self

POST CURFEW is back! And no, I do not mean it in the sense of “boohoo… I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting lately because of that and that and that stupid reason…” I am actually talking about the concept of this blog: keeping a notebook next to my pillow and writing down thoughts instead of trying to fall asleep. I went to bed yesterday and surprise-surprise! The ol’ noggin decided that it’s the perfect time for pondering AND some funny pondering, if I may add. At least it sounded funny to me. So, knowing that I will forget everything in the morning thanks to a memory of a gold fish, I turned on the light and started writing some thoughts down. It wasn’t exactly SNL material but hey, made me giggle.

Back to the actual post though… Don’t let the title fool you. I know what you’re thinking. Great, yet another one of those self-help/ self-inspiration/ self-exploratory types of posts that are a waste of internet space… Rude!

Well. It sort of is, but not really. I have a new stance on oversharing. Lately this blog hasn’t been exactly the best when it comes to comedy. So much so that I, myself, am getting turned off by it and by the self-exploratory posts especially. So I decided to shake it up a bit. Plus, I miss sticking a “humor” tag on my posts… or “humour” for the lovely Brits.

The introduction is obviously way too long. I’m stalling, beating around the bush… makes you think that it’s gonna be something thought-provoking, doesn’t it? HA!


It’s actually just about an amusing factoid I’ve been thinking about lately. Ok ok fine, I’ll explain. It’s about my name.

Ever since I moved to Holland, I’ve been introducing myself as Alex, sometimes Alexandra, but never Sasha, aka the name I answered to the first 18 years of my life back home. Actually, that’s not entirely true. My Russian-speaking friends in Holland do get a pass with this, since they understand it and, most importantly, can pronounce it. The internationals though… not so much. The funniest is actually explaining to them that Sasha is short for Alexandra. hahahaha i don’t know either…

There I was, Alex, or Alexandrá (emphasis on the last a) in France, being constantly reminded that “Alex” is a boy’s name… I wasn’t complaining.

However, my last year of uni started and whaddya know? I hear “Sasha” from my international friends way more often now: one friend told another friend and suddenly I don’t cringe at the sound of it. Not gonna lie, it did take some getting used to. Alex just seemed so universal, so understandable and pronounceable for every nation, even though for some of them it was a typical boy’s name…

But hearing my actual name from my non-Russian-speaking friends really grew on me. I rediscovered it for myself. I used to have this stigma that it’s too Russian, too lame, too soft and fluffy… like a marshmallow. However, thanks to my friends who decided to start calling me Sasha instead of Alex, I reconsidered and embraced it. So now, whenever I hear it:

  • It makes me feel a deeper sense of connection with the person saying it. Bottom line, it is my name, and hearing it from a person I like, does trigger some positive feelings.
  • Even though literally anyone can get my attention by yelling out something along the lines of “Let’s get food” or “Cute guy! 3 o’clock!”, I will most likely react quicker to my actual name.
  • It’s the name my mother gave me when she first saw me… so you know, going back to my roots, rediscovering my true self, if you will.

And most importantly

  • It makes me think of Sasha Fierce, which makes me instantly go like this

Thanks, Guido 😉

I have an even softer side for people who call me by my last name, though.

Anyway, comedy, amirite? How are y’all doing???

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