My problem is bigger than your problem

It’s funny how your own problems always seem unresolvable compared to everyone else’s.

I think people tend to do this a lot. It’s easy to tell your friend what to do, what steps to take, which decisions to make. Unemployed? Well then get your ass off the couch, do a), then b) and then c) and by the end of the month, you’ll land a perfectly suited job. Not happy with your looks? Do this, this and that! It’s so easy! Everything seems much more logical and clearer. However when it comes to ourselves, we tend to find complications that “surely” prevent us from seeing and opting for the obvious solution.

I don’t consider myself a good problem solver, at least when it comes to my problems. However, whenever a friend asks me for my advice, the solution cannot be clearer in my head. I guess, this is why they say “two heads are better than one”. An outsider will not have the same preconceptions as you do. He is able to see the situation from a different perspective, from an easier perspective with no bullshit, from a perspective that has an obvious solution.

I guess the point to all this is that I find it funny. If only we could see our own problems with the same cold-mindedness everyone else can, huh?

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One Response to My problem is bigger than your problem

  1. Udit. says:

    Thats a great point, I never thought of it, this way.


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