Sunday Confessions

Somebody once told me that I am only friends with the people around me. Meaning that as soon as there is physical, geographical distance between us, I no longer put effort into the relationship. I am scared, because I feel like it’s true. It’s not because I lose interest though. It’s because staying in touch via Skype and Facebook is not enough for me to call a person a friend.

I like going out by myself more than I like going out with friends.

Every time somebody asks me if I stay in touch with my biological dad, I say that I no longer care forย this relationship. It’s a lie.

I genuinely regret quitting dancing, even though I promised myself not to have regrets.

I agree with the notion that, in order to find love, one has to find love for himself first. That you have to be whole before you find your better half. Although I agree, it makes me restless, because part of me knows that I may never be enough.

I would’ve never thought I could easily call myself a hypocrite.

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One Response to Sunday Confessions

  1. Joe James says:

    I tagged you in the ‘school tag’ on my blog. The details are in my post ๐Ÿ™‚


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