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Guess how many awkward interactions I had since my oh-so brave and life affirming post on meeting new people?

The answer is: bagel. Zero. Zilch. Nada. None. And believe me, it’s not because I’m that smooth, so there was no awkwardness and I easily made bunch of friends. It’s because the “talking to strangers” bit NEVER HAPPENED. What can I say… Living life on the edge, pushing my limits.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t blogged in so long, I’m getting the feeling that I can no longer write in English. Or speak. Or think.

And it’s not even about not having ideas. It’s the fact that I rarely come up with something original- meaning that I mostly ramble on existing chewed-up ideas of others. Plus, whenever I did try writing a worthy post, it would turn into something so pointless and trivial, that I would immediately get discouraged and store the post in the “draft” folder. And if last year I was okay with the posts being pointless, now I feel like they need at least some sort of character or purpose.

Fortunately, I’m not losing hope and pronouncing myself brain-dead just yet. I still have ideas.

Depending on the time you are reading this post, this blog may already (or not) have a new page, called “Almost Open Letters”. If it’s there already, do check it out; if not- I’m working on it. The idea is that sometimes I write really good letters that I put lots of thought into. I like the letter format in general- the personal touch, the thoughtfulness, the intimacy. So once in a while I will be posting open letters to people from my past, my present and even to people who I have never met. These could be people who made a significant impact on my life, my friends, my family members, film directors, writers, fellow bloggers… The list goes on.

I guess the bit that makes me giddy the most is that the majority of people to whom these letters will be addressed to will never even stumble upon them. Does writing letters solely for the purpose of writing them makes me weird? Perhaps. It’s just that, how I see it, some things need to be said, not necessarily heard.

Hold on to your inspiration. It’s a fleeting little thing.

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2 Responses to New page

  1. Anonymous says:

    My dear!! I would definitely encourage you to continue doing this, since there is at least one person, and that is myself, who feels proud to read what you create. No matter whether you think it has a purpose or not, to me it has!!! I enjoy reading this stuff!!


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