Back to reality


This creativity slump is so frustrating. Am I right, or am I right, people?

So many things are happening around me. I’m finally getting a hold of my specialization, I found my semester exams to be easy-breezy (like a walk in a damn park), writing my bachelor thesis doesn’t seem horrifying anymore, I moved houses just recently, I had a couple of epiphanies on the subject of friendship and people-to-people relationships in general. It’s been a fruitful couple of weeks/months.

However, one thing has been nagging me constantly. It’s not like it’s even anything new. It’s constantly there, coming and going. However, until recently I thought that I had managed to get a pretty good grip on it. What I mean is that I lost the ability to stay in the present moment. Yet again.

When life gets hectic, it brings you high’s and low’s. You’re kinda busy all the time with new activities, people and experiences, but at the same time, you fail to find a single moment to exhale. I miss reflecting. I miss creating solely positive vibes. I hate that I cuss and let bad thoughts into my mind. I hate that I let myself judge people, even in the privacy of my own thoughts. I hate feeling hatred in general, but even more- expressing it.

Time for a reality check. Time to awaken creativity. Time to bring back the good vibes.

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