Why 2014 was cool

If the last thing you read on this blog was the soppy “Bad idea” post, I have good news: I finally found reasons why 2014 was actually okay, in terms of my own life and in the grand scheme of things. Even though it is already the 4th of January, 2015 and I am obviously late, I feel like this summary needs to exist (even though nearly every blogger came up with a version of this). Anyway…

Spoiler alert: it’s gonna be a mash up.

Ahem… The year 2014 was cool thanks to:

The XXII Olympic Winter Games.

After months of despair due to my inability to find an internship, I finally get hired by a company in Hamburg, Germany. I lived there briefly for 5 months, but have been in love with the city ever since.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup held in Brazil and lucky you if you watched the final game (#7:1)

After much contemplation and weighing the facts, I decided to pick International Marketing as my specialization in uni. Watch out, you never know who’s gonna be responsible for the next Pampers commercial.

I got to travel a lot in 2014. I managed to revisit Italy in May, France in October and say a quick hi to Hamburg in November.

Health wise, 2014 was a relatively sporty year. I mean, in Hamburg I was JOGGING! (Once or twice, but it’s not the point) Back in Holland, I was working out, practicing yoga and meditation… If you don’t count the occasional (and I’m using this word loosely) cheat days, I could easily qualify for the Olympics.

Mash-up artist Daniel Kim brings out his annual POP DANTHOLOGY, which is a mash-up of billboard hits that made us sing along in 2014. My new jam.

And since we’re on the subject of Youtube, the annual Youtube Rewind video was as epic as I expected. Also, I found a couple of amazing lady-vloggers that inspire me with each video release: Amy Young and Kassie Isabelle. Yes, I’m a 13 year old girl.

As of April, Moldovan citizens do not require visa to travel within Europe. It doesn’t do much, because we still need a load of paperwork to work there, but hey! Baby steps, baby steps.

George Clooney is finally married! Or should I list this fact under sad news? Am I right, ladies?..

I discovered Orange is the New Black, New Girl, Masters of Sex and Girls… how did I manage not to get kicked out of uni? Don’t even ask.

December 2013 was the month I decided to cut out meat completely. Surprisingly, it’s been a year already and not only I’m going strong, but I’m thinking about cutting out dairy as well.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I mean, it did get a bit annoying in the end, but let’s not forget that the primary reason for this viral phenomenon was charity and people coming together for a good cause. Way to go, mankind!

and finally

February was the month I started blogging! It’s been almost a year! I not only found a creative outlet that is making me genuinely happier and more fulfilled, but I’ve also gained a modest following and my mom said she’s proud. Is there more to ask?

AND thanks to Word Press, I met some truly awesome people that I call my pen pals now. Always wanted to have those.

Looking forward to a new year. Bring it on, 2015!

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