Bad idea

Here’s my question: If you had to write down all bad things that happened to you in a year, would you actually be able to do it?

I mean, of course, we all love a good bitching, but really, how is getting your bike stolen (even twice) can possibly be compared to the Ebola virus epidemic?

To tell you the truth, I have had the idea to write a “Why 2014 Sucked Jingle Balls” post for a month now. I thought I would list my own problems and some major world catastrophes, such as Kim K’s #BreakTheInternet photo session and we would all laugh at the “Jingle Balls” wordplay I cleverly came up with. But let me tell you, I’m glad I didn’t do it.

Mixing the tragedies in pop-culture, my own life and the grand scheme of things just felt wrong and highly inappropriate.

Funny business aside, 2014 was a tough year. Looking back, I can only say that

I miss my granny that sadly passed away in May, 2014

I am sad for losing a number of friends that were a part of my life before 2014

I am deeply troubled by the political instabilities, terrorist attacks and health threat epidemics that struck our world in 2014 and took thousands of innocent lives.

Sometimes it seems that our world is falling apart and friends in the past are becoming enemies in the now. However, there’s always room for hope, love and light.

Cherish your loved ones, people. Stay safe. Here’s to a new year. A kinder and safer year.

PS. Even though 2014 did suck for the most part and writing about exactly WHY it sucked was a horrible idea, I am determined to make a list of positive highlights.

Stay tuned and thanks for your readership, as always.

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