Since I’m obviously not getting turkey or pie tonight, mostly because I don’t eat meat or live in the US, I decided I will just say my thanks.

I am thankful for mom, dad, granny, my dog Dolly, the Netherlands, coconut oil, Hamburg, Woody Allen, Grenoble, The Big Bang Theory, brie cheese, circuit training, Skype, black leggings (yes, I’m that girl), the British accent, red lipstick, meditation, underground transportation, Reeperbahn, hummus, my blender, Olya, la Belle Musique community, study groups, WordPress, Lena, the Australian accent, The New Girl, LinkedIn, Sephora, Instagram, Amy Young, spinach, Cassie and Terry from Cloudy Apples, Marina, Guido, Liuda, Mysh, beanies, the color black, Eurolines, white wine, the University Library, blue highlighter pens, mom jeans, Interstellar and Christopher Nolan, Alina, the love of my life, coffee, blog friends, yoga, Groupon, audio books and Italian men.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to 27.11.2014

  1. Anonymous says:

    And I am thankful for my talented girl!!!! You are the treasure of my life, Kotiusya!!

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