What’s the deal with good looking men?

As you may get from the title, the subject, or should I say subjectS, of today’s rant are the devilishly attractive fellows that most of us girls meet at some point. And before you ask, mom, I AM studying and applying for jobs, so don’t worry for my focus. It’s right where it needs to be… where was I?

Good looking men! Check out that jaw line…. Dayum.

ian03 jake nick Robert_Downey_Jr._Cigar ryan

Ok, I threw perfect Gosling in here solely for my mom’s enjoyment. However, I do in fact think Nick from The New Girl is kinda hot. Don’t judge me…

But sadly, I am not here to rant about celebrities. When I wrote “good looking men”, I meant actual, but rare male individuals that make us drool and crush our souls.

Society tells us that handsome guys have it easier: they get the best jobs, the best relationships, the best benefits that come from best relationships (looking at you, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake)… I guess I’m back to celebrities.

However, we fail to realize how difficult they ACTUALLY have it. As I’ve been doing research (like one does on a study night), I came across different opinions on this matter. Some were huffing and puffing that hotties are responsible for all universal sins and the others were bringing up the exact same issue I am trying to raise if it wasn’t for Somerholder’s b/w headshots distracting me…

My point is that having good looks is not the same as knowing how to use them or actually being aware of them for that matter. Let’s put ourselves in a pretty guy’s shoes for a sec, shall we?

You make an impression as soon as you walk into the room: you either have a girlfriend, you’re a player, or you’re gay. The majority of potential mates already feel a mixture of “love at first sight” and “he’s out of my league”. A single girl who feels particularly ballsy (or tipsy) doesn’t experience the fear of mismatch and is ready to be swooned. So he goes in.

Right from the start: SO MUCH PRESSURE to say the perfect opening sentence. If you go with a cheesy pickup line- boom! you’re a player. If you say something she’s not expecting and out of place- weirdo… The constant pressure of keeping your game light, quirky, funny and sexy. But as this guy wrote, attractive men don’t need a game apparently. Having a game already implies that you’re not confident in your initial assets, so you have to come up with some alternative way to peek a girl’s interest. The handsome ones simply have to show up and be, well, handsome.

Being beautiful, however, does not mean that they’re not dying of shame and embarrassment on the inside. What if their beauty actually prevents them from opening up to people, who make assumptions too quickly? What if a guy is actually shy and inexperienced and can’t comprehend that he won the genetic jackpot? What if he has a decent personality and a story to tell- not a list of conquests everyone assumes he has? Again, common sense will tell us that there is no such thing, but the idea of it kinda warms my soul.

However, these wallflowers, as shy as they could be, are not making it any easier for the females. Personally, these are the thoughts that rush through my mind when someone ridiculously attractive is hitting on me:

Are you talking to me? *turns around* Really? Me? Not that girl? Mmmkay, something is definitely wrong with you then… you have a girlfriend surely. Or is it a boyfriend? Do you need money? Me too… You think MY eyes are pretty? Have you seen yours? No, you have a cute and sexy accent, mister!..

And it goes on and on until it turns out he’s either a player or has no standards whatsoever.

Or maybe I am the one with issues, not the pretty guys… Don’t you think?

Back to the drawing board I guess 🙂

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5 Responses to What’s the deal with good looking men?

  1. Seb says:

    I feel like this post was dedicated to me.


  2. richardjford says:

    You have to separate between attractive celebrities – who earn a shit-tonne of money – and just average guys who only SOME women find attractive :p not everyone finds the same guy attractive, something that doesn’t help guys when it comes to talking/flirting with women

    Liked by 1 person

    • belicovaa says:

      If you’re hinting that celebrities are attractive because of power and money, then it wasn’t my intent to prove that:) i just mentioned a couple of them for visual effect and to girl-bond, specifically because some of those men are considered to be one of the most attractive. But i do separate them of course 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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