Walking down memory lane: Facebook feed edition

I once read that if one scrolls through his own Facebook feed, he will instantly feel happier. Let’s test it, shall we?

Thoughts that went through my mind while I was scrolling:

Oh look at me, being a committed World Cup fan…

I may or may not have posted way too many photos with my roommate. Don’t get any ideas, people.

Oh oh profile picture change! The eyebrow game is strong with this one…

Stop showing your vulnerability on social media, you pathetic wuss!

Hamster face

And yet another video shared that nobody bothered to check out. I am funny, dammit! Why doesn’t anyone get it???

I got tagged???

God, that’s an awesome picture… I’m so talented. Is it too late for me to study photography?

What was I thinking posting THAT photo??? 

Oh yey, a group photo. Look world, I have friends and a social life!

God, I miss Venice

I should call that girl more often.

Birthday posts. I swear to God, I will remove my birth date from my profile. Let’s see how many “friends” I actually have…

Who am I kidding? 

Hamster face

I really don’t get why a pic from the office got so many likes… do I have something on my face or something?

A picture of a cheesecake? Seems about right

Awwww my semester in France album… I miss those goons

A post about how I attempted to cook Indian food… aaaaaaand I’m hungry

Why doesn’t anyone of these people message me???

Food pics on Facebook? Seriously?

I clearly overused red lipstick…

I’m sure glad that 9gag phase has passed…

Should I go blonde again?

Hamster face

It seems like every trip I’ve ever been on, was followed by a somewhat fascinating/hilarious story that I simply HAD TO share with the uninterested public… NOBODY CARES that your flight got delayed! 

Oh dear Lord… where was the fashion police there???

To top this disaster off, I present to you a highly intellectual quote from yours truly, circa 2012:


I guess I don’t have questions after all…

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3 Responses to Walking down memory lane: Facebook feed edition

  1. janeybgood says:

    Haha, this is great!
    I find that I cringe a lot. I go through phases of being very private and secretive to sharing way too much. Usually when I’m drunk and feel like taking selfies.


  2. emtag2 says:

    Haha this made me laugh! All so relatable…I try to avoid scrolling through my Facebook feed to avoid embarrassment!


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