Taking care of yourself

I think a bird sassed me today.

I was prancing down the street (yes, I actually used the word “prancing” because I was jogging way too ridiculously to call it jogging), when I saw a couple of birds on the lawn. They were these common black birds with yellow beaks that I often see in Hamburg not flying, as peculiar as it is, but scurrying in the bushes, like rats. They got so used to people, they didn’t even bother to fly (or scurry) away at the sight of me. In fact, one of them, LITERALLY scanned me from head to toe, turned to his mate and chirped something in bird language AND, I swear to God, contempt.

I felt outraged. Yes, I looked like a pig that just won the pig derby, but it was my second consecutive run this week, and since I have been jogging on and off for about 4 months, I felt like I was doing progress. Sure, I still had a lot to work on, but at least my face didn’t jiggle like jelly on a plate every time I was jogging. Correction, prancing. P.S. Everything else is still jiggling, but I’m working on it.

Overlooking the bird-sassing moment (which was, most certainly, in my head as usual), I had a really pleasant run. I even went to the nearest woods to “connect with nature” and meditated for a little while. You see, I had yet another epiphany. I finally realized what “taking care of yourself” really means.

When I was little, I used to do ballroom dancing. I danced not because it was good for my figure, or because I was particularly good at it, but because (I covered this topic in my first ever post) it was a major part of who I was back then. I didn’t have to worry about body issues. God, what a lovely stage that was. Since quitting, at the age of 14, I’ve never felt good about myself while doing any kind of sport. Every gym session, every swim, every volleyball game was mostly fueled by guilt and hate towards my own body. My motivation was heavily based on the thought “yet another attempt to bring this piece-of-shit-body back to its normal-ish appearance”.

And finally, it hit me: this is MY BODY. A complex mechanism that helps me live life. I can’t expect it to look and feel good, taking care of it only when my self-esteem hits rock-bottom. I can’t expect it to function properly, when I mostly poison it with chocolate, a sedentary job and binge-watching Orange Is The New Black. And this comes without saying, but how can somebody else possibly love it in this case?

I know I haven’t just discovered physics, but I’m well-known for my delayed epiphanies.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s essential to get in tune with your body. Clearly, I’m not an expert on the subject yet, but at least I started listening to my body. And surprisingly, it responds.

So let me ask you, do you feel your body and mind are in balance? Are you also guilty of being a couch potato? Are you also willing to change it?

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7 Responses to Taking care of yourself

  1. caminioca says:

    I love your writing! It’s witty and funny 🙂 Really enjoyed the whole bird scene!


  2. dinominuzzo says:

    The human body is a wonderful machine, just listen to it, it will tell you everything you need to know about getting to where you want to be physically and mentally – and once you get tuned in and make the progress and see the results, you’ll never want to turn back – I’ve written a bit about it “12 weeks to the rest of your life”…enjoy the journey


  3. greenlinksdiscoverer says:

    Did you think of trying out the ballroom dances again, in Germany? I bet the Uni has some kind of team and Uni-teams shouldn’t be very expensive, either, hmmm. Maybe this is what your body is asking you for?

    I also am having (again) the period of tuning in now. And the body responds too, and I like it even more for that 😀 The most tricky part is to keep listening to it, which never worked out for me before 😦 The listening stops when the portion sizes grow and chocolate starts to predominate the mind again 😀


    • belicovaa says:

      Haha completely true! The better i get in healthy lifestyle choices, the more i want to spoil myself and eat all the chocolate 🙂
      During my first year in Holland, i considered giving ballroom dances another go, but sadly it was solely a consideration… I am no longer fit in that way and dancing requires a lot of stamina.
      Thanks for your readership 🙂

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      • greenlinksdiscoverer says:

        My pleasure!
        You could start a different type of dances, say, Lindy Hop 😉


  4. tisfortea says:

    Damn sassy bird.


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