Take me down under

I’ve been feeling very overemotional/hyperactive/anxious.

I watched “Adore” yesterday. Again. In a nutshell, it’s an Australian/French drama-movie about two women, Lil and Roz- two lifelong friends who grew up at a paradisaical (if that’s a word) place in Australia. Both of them eventually had sons Ian and Tom, respectively.  I’m not gonna rant about the main story line, how right it felt for me and how wrong it may feel for the majority of people. I’m just gonna say that if you’re feeling like breaking society’s standards on conventional love, I highly recommend this movie. But that’s not the reason I’m hyperventilating right now.


Seeing the lives of the characters in FREAKIN’ AUSTRALIA (New South Wales, to be exact) made me very sad. While crying about the fact that I don’t live 10 meters away from the ocean, I had an epiphany: I was born in the wrong country. I’m sure we’ve all had these realizations, we all love traveling and we all strive to see the most of our beautiful planet, but this realization was something else.

I mean, today I haven’t been technically working… Thanks to “Adore”, I spent most of the day googling “immigration to Australia and New Zealand” instead. My dear Aussies and Kiwis! What is it about your countries that makes me wanna pack my bags, build a raft and sail towards “down under”, even though it will probably take me 30 years???

A lot of you will probably think “How do you even know you want to move there if you know nothing about what it’s like there?” And that is a valid question. I mean, I want to move 9,350 MILES away from home (yes, I looked it up), solely because I liked what I saw in a movie…. Hi, my name is Alex and I have irrational great-expectations-based desires. What do you expect from a person who wanted to choose a career in Hospitality Management after watching too many episodes of Hotel Babylon?… I’ve never even been to Australia or barely spoken to locals… (If you don’t count that cute Australian Tinderfella. No, he did not call me back)

Whenever I get possessed by an idea, the first thing I do- I start ranting about it. A LOT. To any person I can get my hands on. I become very annoying. My friends are just too polite too shut me up and not listen to “THEY HAVE VEGEMITE AND KANGAROOS”; so they nod and give really good and practical advice actually. After I quit daydreaming about surfing somewhere near the Sunshine Coast and return to the land of rational thinking, I get overwhelmed by the numerous opportunities available to me because the Internet exists. I start googling my ass off searching for a website called www.Australia is looking for Alexandra Belicova.au  (don’t bother clicking btw… it doesn’t exist). I get both excited and motivated to find different opportunities in order to fulfill my dream and anxious and depressed realizing that nobody wants me there for now.

So yeah, I guess the point of this post is:

Dear Aussies! Who’s in for an arranged marriage? I promise I will learn how to cook someday…

My apologies to the people who googled “Australia and New Zealand” and got this… Unfortunately, I’m in no way a citizen of either of these countries and have no worthy knowledge and experience to share. I do however have an inexplicable obsession with everything that is Australia or New Zealand related. I’m sure I’m not alone on this. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go listen to Lorde and cry in the corner.

P.s. I hope no one was offended with “Aussies and Kiwis” and a decent portion of stereotyping in this post. The stereotype rants were strategically placed in this post for comedic reasons and to highlight my cluelessness on the subject. I would really appreciate any kind of coaching. Feel free to call me stupid. I’m done. Have a great weekend.


What the hell is she talking about???

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11 Responses to Take me down under

  1. emtag2 says:

    Okay, I’m an Aussie and I’ve never actually heard of that movie – I’ll have to check it out! You should watch ‘Tracks’ – I believe it shows Australia’s natural beauty at it’s very finest 🙂 And it makes me so proud that people are so fascinated by our beautiful country. It’s funny isn’t it, we all take for granted what we have around us. I have to say, I often wish I was born in a different country too. Australia is so far away from everything and travel is so expensive for us! Oh, to live in Europe and have a multitude of countries on the SAME land mass! Crazy. If you ever do travel down under, you have a place to stay with me!


  2. gazeandgawk says:

    Cute crazy person. Just like me! Except I’m not cute ^.^


  3. Anaventures says:

    You are so cute!
    I live in Australia (Sydney) and it’s really not all that exciting haha In fact i want to move!
    Where do you live? I am very happy to trade in a Parent Trap-style scheme, the only hitch is that we have to make sure that we look and sound identical but that’s really only a minor issue.


    • belicovaa says:

      How can you say that it’s not exciting??? I would literally die every day just from acknowledging the fact that i’m in Australia! Currently i’m in Hamburg, Germany. It’s great here, you should definitely try it out some day. 🙂


      • Anaventures says:

        Haha I guess because I’ve been here my whole life, it gets rather monotonous. Plus after travelling to Europe and America Sydney seems so small and boring…
        I think you would love it though because you would be seeing it all as brand new whereas for me it’s just the same old haha. Dont get me wrong, its home and i love it but i think I just want a change. Oh Germany is definitely on my list! 🙂 Are you from there originally?


      • belicovaa says:

        Not really 🙂 i’ve kinda been all over the place for the past few years. I’m from Moldova (eastern europe) originally, i study in the netherlands, did my exchange semester in france and am finishing up my internship here in Hamburg. 😀 will return to holland soon to finish my bachelor’s 🙂


      • Anaventures says:

        Ok wow your life is way more exciting than living in Australia! Haha We are so far away from literally everywhere! Just isolated in our corner of the world.
        But I’m Eastern European too, my parents are originally from Macedonia.
        I’m actually moving to London in Decemeber with my best friend so we’ll be visiting the Netherlands and Paris as often as we can 🙂 I’m so excited!
        Does this mean that you speak French?


      • belicovaa says:

        Just enough French that allows me to buy french wine in french stores 🙂


      • Anaventures says:

        The perfect amount!


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