I know what you’re doing tomorrow

Ladies and gentlemen…

May I present the recipient of this year’s “Shortest Date in the History of Mankind” award: yours truly.

Even though my mom sarcastically suggested “He came, saw you, and that was the last of him?”, that was not actually the case. He was a typical 20-something German . The one I had to ask questions and I had to be showing interest in order for the conversation to flow (more or less). What can I say, it didn’t feel like he was bored or majorly repulsed by me (at least I think so), but I had a distinctive feeling that this was his first post-online-chat meet-up in real life. Plus he told me it was his first post-online-chat meet-up in real life and you know what? I genuinely believed the poor guy.

Come on, fellas… One does not type “I know what you’re doing tomorrow- having a drink with me” all confident and cocky and when I actually agree to meet up, stays silent for 45 minutes and suggests to call it a night shortly afterwards. I am not even gonna TRY to blame myself for this. I was an effing delight: I offered to pay for my own beer, I publicly shamed Eastern Europe’s mentality and the pressure to get married at an early age and I made it crystal clear that I’m going back to Holland in 4 months so it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t looking for a German husband. If that doesn’t say “No thank you, I don’t want your German citizenship”, I don’t know what does. I don’t really know what I expected from this meeting, but there was just nothing. No sparks, no butterflies, not even a genuine laugh, no nothing. We were sitting in an Irish pub, having beer, and the only thing I was thinking about was that I should come here more often since there was an abundance of English businessmen.

Then again, what did I expect from a date with a guy, who I’ve been chatting with for 3 days? Anyone?..

I especially enjoyed when he awkwardly started making plans for a second date, AS IF it was going to happen. Thanks for the beer, bro, and good luck with online dating.

No hate though, it just wasn’t his or mine cup of of tea.

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4 Responses to I know what you’re doing tomorrow

  1. tisfortea says:

    I feel your pain!


  2. DCK says:

    First dates are like a writing gold mind. πŸ™‚


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