Everything is ok

Have you ever had a time when everything in your life was under control? Well, not literally everything, but at that certain point you felt like you were doing great. I’m sure at some point we all had these precious moments. Brace yourselves, my moment has finally come.

It was weird at first. I was on the train, going to work, as one does on a Thursday morning. I usually block the morning underground racket for these brief 15 min with headphones. And when I do so, my mind is pretty much blank.

But sometimes I have these weird crystallizing moments when I reflect on life. I started thinking about my life in Hamburg, the fact that I am working now and trying to make better lifestyle choices. And then it struck me: everything is ok. I am not depressed, I don’t have anything stressing me out, I’m at peace with myself. I actually felt good about myself; and not just during that brief ride to work, but I’ve been doing ok for a couple of weeks now. I have a routine now and it reminds me of my childhood when I had structure and discipline. I mean I go to bed at 22.00 and I’m not even complaining.

Later that Thursday, I carried on with my day but kept my morning realization in mind. It was one of those rare days, when the most difficult decision I had to make was which wallpaper to choose for my desktop background. I picked a classic Sex and the City capture, if you’re wondering.

After my morning realization, nothing could go wrong. I had an amazing day actually. I finally sold my first expensive cruise at work; I had a side pony-tail, so, naturally, I thought I looked beautiful; my cold was getting better; after work I went for a bit of shopping and bought a cheap hoodie for my morning runs (because hell, I’m sporty now).

And there I was, tired but feeling fabulous, on my way to buy a bag I was craving for days and then……. VERO MODA FITTING ROOM happened. I was actually feeling so good, I picked up a couple of items of clothing while I was in the store with the intention to try them on. I guess, feeling fabulous and actually looking fabulous are two different things… Who would’ve known. I tell you, nothing makes you look more horrific than a fitting room and its highly unflattering lighting. Add to that 9 hours of work displayed on your everywhere: messed up hair, messed up make up, and in general, not a very fresh look. It was not the best cherry on top of my day.

But hey, at least I’m not new to this. I had my day ruined by trying on clothes in the fitting room multiple times. I just never learn…

But yeah, in general my day was ok. And my life here has been a delight in all seriousness. How’s life treating you these days? Tell me, I wanna know.

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9 Responses to Everything is ok

  1. jamesie27 says:

    Love this snapshot of your day. Interesting (and a little sad), that your feeling was ruined by looking in the mirror… mirrors vary SO much… lighting is one factor, but I guess the biggest one is our own feelings when we look at ourselves. A friend had a mirror with a post-it note on that said ‘You are VERY beautiful’! Maybe try that? 🙂


    • belicovaa says:

      good tip, i would have to carry it around while shopping to be fully prepared to face my reflection in the fitting room’s mirror


      • jamesie27 says:

        You could carrry a whole load of them, pre-written, and leave them on the fitting room mirrors… just think of the joy you’d spread! If you ever fancy a practical jam-making lesson, come and visit me on the beautiful Isle of Wight!


      • belicovaa says:

        would love to visit England some day!
        and i would definitely use your post-it idea 😉


      • jamesie27 says:

        I might have started something! England is lovely… The Island is gorgeous…..and Summer is coming! jamesie27@aol.com if you want to find me on Facebook. 🙂


  2. Seb says:

    Days like that are always awesome, nice to see you’re taking it in its stride!


  3. seaangel4444 says:

    Good job! I enjoyed every word!!! Cher xo


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