The game is on

I’ve been feeling overoptimistic lately, so…. this happened


However, having promised myself that I will start a new life.. what was it?.. oh yeah, a BILLION TIMES in the past, this time, I’m bringing my motivation to the next level. Not only I made a wager with my roomie that if I fail I will pay her share of April’s rent (definitely not my wisest decision), but also Instagram and Word Press got involved.

Legend says, the more people you share your goals with… the more will call you a bullshitter in the end.

But seriously, allegedly, the more people you share with, the more determined to stay on track you become. Allegedly. So, money is involved, society is involved. Last thing to do is for ME to get involved. Should work.

Wish me luck. I’m sensing a lot of muscle pain in my nearest future.


This pic from 9gag made me giggle a while back. God, I hope it’s not the case this time

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2 Responses to The game is on

  1. tisfortea says:

    I’m impressed!


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