Word Press: “A lot has happened. It’s time to write about it.”

You’re right, WordPress, a lot HAS happened, but I’ve really been struggling putting it into words.

WANTED! Inspiration! Dead or alive… Preferably, alive.


For the past two weeks I’ve been diligently making myself write. The key words here are MAKING MYSELF. When I created this blog, I set myself an overly optimistic goal to write every week. And I was genuinely trying to keep up the pace, but, obviously, I can’t force a good thought. I keep having bits and pieces of ideas, but I just can’t organize them in an adequate blog post. It is just so frustrating to be writing something and realizing that you are literally pulling words out of your ass. Which may or may not be the case right now…


You know what? Screw the format… here are the before mentioned bits and pieces of thoughts.

*When you start living in a new city, you get these rare moments of everything being new. Your lifestyle changes, you do certain things for the first time, your life is more or less chaotic and you constantly complain about the bureaucratic nonsense you have to go through as a foreigner… you think you want to settle down as soon as possible, but it’s a trap. As soon as you settle down, routine steps in and, in my case, routine brings depression along for the ride. Cherish the unknown, the chaotic, the new until it is no longer that way.

*I often reflect on my past experience, on how I’ve changed. I recently realized how much I’ve actually twisted and turned my personality for the people I am afraid to lose. We all wear masks to be likable but it’s crucial to stay true to your real self. At least when nobody’s watching…

*To my friend. Your birthday is in a week. Remember the times we celebrated almost everything together? We were the first people on our invite lists. At first we were a like, we were even mistaken for sisters. But with time, something changed and we gradually grew apart. You amazed me, sometimes even scared me. You were far ballsier than me, so you tried things I could only imagine trying. At times, I was actually worried for your life and my sanity. But, despite the troubles and the fact that we haven’t spoken in 5 years, you always brought joy into my life; you taught me how to shine and stand up for myself. And for that, I am forever grateful and I really miss you.

My brain hates me right now. Gonna go catch some z’s.

P.S. Here’s a picture of a blue-eyed kitty, which actually portrays my mood.


I appreciate you reading me. Sincerely. Good night*

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10 Responses to Word Press: “A lot has happened. It’s time to write about it.”

  1. tisfortea says:

    Quite often I find that I have a lot to write about but can’t put it into words yet I can have nothing to write about and somehow find inspiration – it’s a funny thing!


  2. richardjford says:

    All of my blog posts are utter drivel. Yet I still post because I feel guilty or disappointed in myself if I neglect to post at least once in the week 🙂 make a blog part of your weekly routine, something that MUST be completed, then it doesn’t matter if you feel it’s utter rubbish! Though, judging by this post, I’ll wager it’s not utter rubbish…


  3. Seb says:

    For a post that’s supposedly empty, it was entertaining to read haha!

    Pretty sure most bloggers will tell you they’ve had writer’s block at some point in their lives. Just take a break if need be, there’s always something to talk about if you put your mind to it.

    Take me for example, I am the King of Talking Absolute Bollocks. But I’d like to think I made it interesting enough for people when they read it.

    Talk about dreams, weird thoughts you have, any stances you have on certain things etc. Hell, you could just write a long ass post about how you made toast and try to add comedy to it by making it sound like a trailer for an action movie. I dunno, that was just off the top of my head.

    Regardless, hope you get over the slump dudette!


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