Look, world! I’m baking

I call this post: “Screw you, brain! I’m doing manual labor, aka baking brownies and instead of pointlessly rambling about something, I am actually making a contribution to society.”

I am compiling this post for several reasons:

1) I have been sleeping well for the past few nights, which means zero thought-provoking bewonderments before Snoozeville.

2) This is literally the single thing I can bake, and I want to show it off

3) It’s Crepe Week, or Maslenitsa, a week of indulgence in pastry to celebrate the end of winter. (insert Wikipedia link here)

I really like this recipe because it’s easy and no matter how badly you screw up, the final product always turns out ridiculously delicious. I stole the recipe from a friend a while back, and I am not even sorry.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

You will need:

Image1) Butter (1 pack or 250g)

2) 4 eggs

3) Sugar (2 cups)

4) Cacao (3/4 of the before-mentioned cup)

5) Flour (1 before-mentioned cup)

6) ½ tea spoon of salt

7) ½ tea spoon of baking powder

Optional: 2 bananas (they are so at peace, I feel bad eating them)

And begin:

1)      Preheat your oven to approx. 275 degrees

2)      Take a large bowl, put the butter in and melt it in a microwave

3)      Add eggs, sugar, cacao, flour, salt and baking powder

4)      Mix it all up nice and good


At this point you can go ahead and put your mixture into a baking pan with backing paper (because I’m fancy) and put it in the preheated oven. This time (for some reason) I wanted to experiment so I put bananas.

IMG_5402 IMG_5404

5)      Wait 20-25 minutes for your delicious goodness to bake.

6)      When the bell goes ding, turn off the heat, pull out the pan and let your masterpiece cool off for a bit

Happy spring and Happy indulging!

P.S. Milk makes it even more divine. And if you feel bad upon eating more than you should have, eat some arugula afterwards. It will compensate all the naughtiness of a brownie, right?.. That’s what I heard…


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