What annoys me

Today was a bad day. I mean, it wasn’t bad… it was slow. A typical Sunday, as I would say.

For some reason I felt a compulsive urge to write a new blog post yesterday AND today, even though I posted one two days ago. There was the urge but there were zero ideas.

I tried sitting down and writing something, but eventually I realized the pointlessness of what I was about to write. I practically pushed myself to think, and it all ended with me rambling about a topic that I was not even sure of or good at.

So, in order to commemorate my brain’s crisis on the 7th day of my blog’s existence, I present to you a random selection of things that annoy me.

1)      People with no tact

I get that you’re blunt and straight-forward, but have some respect, patience and compassion.

2)      Texting

Why can’t we have a normal conversation anymore?

3)      Skinny jeans

Pretty self-explanatory…

4)      Long nails

Specifically, when they’re so long that the nail of my ring finger is stabbing me in the palm while I’m holding a pen and writing something passionately… (ouch)

5)      Overly cocky men

I mean if you’re cocky and ACTUALLY that good, then carry on, no questions asked. But if your cockiness doesn’t have a substantial basis and everyone can see it, just don’t be that guy, cause you look ridiculous.

6)      Having an idea in mind but losing it while I’m writing it down. Damn it, I almost lost it.

7)      People who constantly complain about their flights.

How about acknowledging the fact that you’re (oh I don’t know) FLYING! In the sky!!! (Inspired by Louis CK)


Tell me what annoys you. Let’s deal with it together.

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6 Responses to What annoys me

  1. Anaventures says:

    Ok so you were right, we actually are soul sisters! haha
    I could add a few things to this list because I am one of those people who gets irrationally irritated by seemingly normal things, but honestly every one of these hits the mark, very specifically #2, #5 and #6.
    I was actually thinking of writing a post along these lines myself… Uncanny 🙂


    • belicovaa says:

      I told you so 🙂 don’t mind me, i’ve just spent the last 20 min reading all your posts… You’re hilarious and very talented 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Anaventures says:

        You have?? 🙂 Well aren’t you just the coolest!
        Thank you so much, that put a huge smile on my face.
        Would I be the lamest human if I used a hashtag right now? Perhaps. Do I have any shame? None.
        #SoulSisters (used ironically…I swear…)


  2. Aussa Lorens says:

    Hahaha! The meme for #7 is hilarious, I’ve not heard that act but it’s so true. That’s incredible, I’m going to have to pull that one out next time I’m seated next to a chronic-sigher or complainer.


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